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Hello Everyone, I am Alexsa, a 22 year old bar dancer cum escort girl. I like to seduce my men through sexy dance. Madrid escolta I am good in striptease, belly dance and lap dance. I love to see your organ getting hard when I take off my clothes. Once almost naked, I like to go for French kisses; whole body kissing and giving you pleasure through KS positions. I am perfect for overnight stay or giving you refreshment whenever you need a break from constant working. I am blonde with slender figure, long legs and tiny breasts. Apart from giving you a mind blowing sex; I am also good in playing your hot girlfriend too. I love having a romantic dinner with you, go to dance parties, clubbing or other kind of social functions. I love to socialize with people and portraying as your girlfriend in any party is not a big deal for me. I can act as plain Jane and hot bombshell whenever there is requirement. Please call my agency or drop an email to reserve appointment with me. I would love to be your loving partner for some hours. I ensure you that you are going to have rocking time with me whether it is for an hour or whole night.

My sex story

Chinese Businessmen are known all over Russia for their unique sexual experience. As a woman, I really didn’t have opportunity of sleeping with Chinese man. But, Last week I got to know what these men are capable of. It was best sexual night of my life and I still remember every moment of it.
The guy arrived in my apartment on time and was quite young, maybe in early twenties. While having drinks in pub, he told me that he had a strong liking for adult Chinese movies and wanted to indulge in erotic fantasy or you may call it erotic game as shown in it.  
After having enough drinks i.e. we were on the verge of losing our inhibitions. The guy came close to me and started kissing me gently on my lips.  While we were engrossed in kissing, his hands unbuttoned my shirt and automatically start fondling my tits. Suddenly, he hold me tight in my arms, unhooked my bra and start caressing my back gently.
Then, he put me on bed, removed my pants as well as underwear too and made me fully naked. For some minutes, he kept on looking on my sexy body. I got really embarrassed the way he looked at me. Just like a woman, I hid my tits with my hands. Then, he took out oil from his pocket and rubbed it all over my body. My pussy became wet as his hands move all over my body. I really liked the way he squeezed my breasts and kissed my nipples gently. After oiling me well, the guy started kissing me gently all over my neck. From neck, he kissed all over my body and finally came on my lovely tits. He fondled them for a minute and then took them in his mouth like a child who got his favorite toy. He moved feverishly from one breast to another till they were swollen with sweet kisses.
After that, he turned me upside down, spread my legs and inserted his cock inside my body. The way he rotated his cock was just amazing. Unlike other riders, he didn’t move at constant speed, but kept changing speed constantly. Sometimes he became slow, but sometimes he became too fast. In excitement, I tightly held the bed-sheet while his cock was moving inside my body.  He kept on moving his cock till he ejaculated inside my body and released a huge sperm dose in my vagina.  After that, he lied next to me and slept for some hours.

I kissed him gently before going out and thanked him for such a lovely night. After sleeping with him, I got really crazy about dating Chinese Businessmen and have started giving them first preference of making love.

Are you looking for a raunchy babe to satisfy your lust? Madrid escolta Then, meet me; Elena, a 24 year old hot babe working as escort in Moscow. I was a national level Gymnast player before working as courtesan. I joined this profession for money and to date finest Gentlemen from all over the World. As an escort, I have not only spent time with Russian lads; but American, European even Indians too. I am fond of going to dinner dates, travel vacations and spending some romantic moments in my apartment. As a sportsperson, I am not in habit of smoking and drinking. In-fact, avoid going to pubs too as an escort. I prefer having one to one close contact with my men rather than getting lost in sea of people. I am spicy hot with amazing figure. I have pure golden hair, light green eyes, well toned body which I keep in shape through rigorous exercise and great bust having size 3. I start my love making process through gentle kisses and encouraging you to fondle my tits. Once you are sexually aroused through this; I give complete control to you to love me in any way you want. You can shower me with sweet kisses from top to bottom, run your strong hands all over my body or indulge in any erotic fantasy which you have grown watching your favorite Hollywood flick. You can contact my agency to get a date with me. I would be delighted to be your loving companion for escort agency. 

My sex story
As mentioned in my profile, I love dressing up as sexy tennis player. Most people I dated fantasize about having sex with tennis sports star and as an escort; I help them in visualizing their sexual fantasy. I feel glad when men thank me for making their sexual fantasy a reality.
Playing a sexy tennis player, I encounter an Arab two years back with whom sex was really mind blowing.
I still remembered that day when he entered in my apartment. He was quite tall, well build and in nearly 40s. He told me during appointment that he has hots for Maria Sharapova and would like me fulfil his sexual fantasy.
Usually, I take initiative during sexual encounter, but this Arab was well prepared for encounter. After a gentle introduction, he tied me up to a wall and put a cloth inside my mouth. He brought cuffs with him. After that, he took a knife from his coat and put it on top of my sexy t-shirt. Within a second, he ripped my dress apart; I understood that the guy wanted to play a rape fantasy game with me. I got scared at that time, since most men do carried away playing a rape fantasy and start hurting escort body, that’s why most call girls do not allow forced sex games.
He realized what I was thinking. Seeing terror in my eyes, he strokes my hair gently and give me a warm deep kiss on my lips. He said in a deep husky voice, “Don’t worry.”  “I would be gentle with you.”
After a kiss, he put his knife aside and starts fondling my nipples inside my bra. He kept on doing this for at least 5 minutes to ignite my passion. After fondling my nipples for 5 minutes, he took his knife out again and cut my bra into two pieces with one single shot.  Then gently he removed my pants along with panty. I was standing completely nude, tied up to wall. I was embarrassed to look into his eyes at that time. But, he was completely enjoying every moment of it making me helpless and tied up.
I was upset when he took my nude photo on his mobile phone, he told me not to worry, he will keep never upload his images on net and had taken photos so that he can look at me and fantasize about Maria Sharapova  whenever she is playing games.
Moving to sexual encounter, he starts sucking my breast like a hungry child. He moved from one breasts to another within a moment. He continued doing this till my nipples had become red and swollen. Then he came under me and to my surprise start licking my pussy, I cried with excitement and screamed on top of my voice, “Stop this, Stop this”, but he didn’t, he continued licking my pussy. Soon, I was wet, shivering with excitement and in that moment, I had an orgasm. It was first time, I had a real orgasm, and in most cases I faked it, that’s why it was one of most cherished sexual encounter in my life.
Moving to sexual encounter, when I had achieved orgasm, he inserted his penis inside my vagina and start rotating it. While his penis was moving inside my body, his lips were moving inside my mouth. After lips, he move gently to my neck and start kissing it passionately. He was fucking and kissing me at the same time. After 20 to 25 minutes, we both achieved orgasms.
After satisfying each other sexually, I ordered pizza for dinner in my apartment. Both of us share tender moments while having pizza, he told me, he is rich businessman from Arab and his sex life was quite boring, in fact it was non existence, since his wife was not interested in sex at all.  It was after 5 years, he was having such a sexual experience and it was quite extraordinary.
I had a deep sympathy for Arab, and was glad to offer my service to him.

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 Hello Everyone,

I am Betta, an adult movie star cum professional escort. I have well toned athletic body, long shining golden hair and natural red lips. I look smoking hot in lingerie
I am expert in all kinds of love making techniques. escolta Madrid I start with gentle lip lock and then motivate you to go for whole body. Playing erotic games is another activity which I am extremely fond of. Bonding, dressing up as your favorite woman, strip/poker are some of my favorite games which I would love to play you with. In the end, I give you climax through KS/missionary or oral positions.
I am well suited to contact for overnight stay or if you need a hot woman to satisfy your lust.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to entertain you in various ways. I bet once you spend night with me, you won’t look anywhere else to satisfy your lust.

My sex story

In our profession, we seldom met guys who have doubt over their masculinity. Usually, we met guys who are in love with themselves and are proud of their manliness a lot. It doesn’t matter whether they make their women happy or not, they should be satisfied, that’s their only motto. As an escort, we usually meet these kinds of arrogant, filthy men.
But, hardly have we encountered a man who has doubt on himself i.e. satisfying women in bed. One day, I met an African man who was really low confident about performing well in bed. The guy was bald, well built and had a shining black skin. From his physical appearance, no one could tell that the guy has physical problem.
He looked quite sad and nervous as he entered my apartment. I welcome him with a genuine smile and made him a glass of wine. The guy gulped it in one shot and then he told me his main reason for coming. He told me his wife had left him because he couldn’t satisfy her in bed.  He was quite honest about himself. He told me his dick is quite shorter than normal self. He had come over to me so that he could confirm one last time that he had a medical problem or not. 
I really felt sympathy for that guy at that moment. I take off his clothes gently. I removed his underwear along with banyan to see his organ. The guy was well built from top to bottom, only problem was that his penis was quite short. I said, don’t worry, everything will be okay.
The first thing I did in my escort session is that I massaged his cock gently. As his cock was erected, I put it in my mouth and start sucking it gently.  He really liked the way I sucked his cock, in fact, he loosen up my hair, played with it while I sucked his cock gently. Soon, he ejaculated inside my mouth. The guy had tears when he cum inside my mouth. I was glad to see smile on his face.
Then, I went to bathroom to wash my mouth and came back to him wearing just bra and panty. His mouth was wide open as I came closer to him. I put his hands gently on my breasts. Automatically, his hands start fondling at my tits. He started panting heavily as he fondled my tits.  In excitement, he put me down on bed, removes my undergarments and started kissing me passionately. His lips moved all over my body. He gave me sweet kisses on my lips, suck my breasts and finally spread my legs like a flower to insert his organ.
Now, I understood the problem, the guy organ was short and he was putting lot of effort in entering it into vagina. I laid him gently in bed and sat perfectly on his penis. Then, I start moving in front and backward position, while the guy kept on fondling my tits. I kept on doing this till he ejaculated inside my body.
He asked me after sex about his performance. I told him it was marvelous, only problem is that he should try women on top position rather than going for missionary position as that is more comfortable for him.
He smiled a lot and gave me warm kiss before going back to his normal life. Last time, I heard of him was that he had married again; in fact his wife was expecting a baby soon. He thanked me a lot for such a sweet encounter and promised me to visit again whenever he had time. 
First time as an escort, I felt proud of myself and thanks to that gentle African man that I did a good deed. That’s why it is one of my most memorable sexual encounters.